When you put your own name on the company,
you stand by your work.

We proudly present Berteig Imaging as a family owned and operated documentary and promotional film company. Between us, we have four decades of experience producing world-class films in all mediums – cinema, broadcast, webcast and advertising. We have a proprietary method of collaborating with our clients to find the heart of the story. You have dedicated your blood sweat and tears to your professional life – we make sure your story touches the hearts of your audience, as well it should.


The Perfect Divorce: Winner, Best International Documentary, New York Independent Film Festival, Alexei Berteig, Director, Westwind Pictures.
License To Farm: Canadian Agri-Marketing Association awards:
· Winner: Video targeted to external audiences (with Berteig Imaging)
· Best of Show: Public Relations Programs (with AdFarm)
· Best of Show: Marketing and Communication Campaigns (with AdFarm)
· Best of Show: Electronic Media (with Berteig Imaging) .


The Berteig Effect

Our clients often find that they learn as much as we do about their own organizations. Clients are sometimes surprised to find that through collaboration with Berteig Imaging, they are able to articulate their essential message with more clarity, more conviction and more focus. When we take you on as a client, we begin a mutual process of discovery. It doesn’t matter if you are a storyteller or not, if you have experience with video or not; we use a proprietary process that translates the heart of your project to the screen. We work with you through an iterative process of story development, planning, filming and editing. No one cares more about your organization than you do – that’s why we make you the co-author of the film.

The Berteig Imaging Family

The Dad

Garry Berteig grew up as the oldest of three brothers and one sister on the Berteig family farm near Swift Current Saskatchewan. Having asthma meant that he knew he’d never inherit the farm; his destiny lay in a life of arts and science. His media career began with CBC Radio Toronto as a freelancer providing show Ideas. Garry later garnered awards for his experimental film and documentary work while serving as Director of Television for the Dept. of Audio Visual Services at the University of Saskatchewan from 1977 to 1985. He was recruited to teach media full time at Keyano College from 1990-2012, and received the Alberta Provincial Faculty award for Innovation in Teaching. Garry has had nationwide impact on the arts scene, having served as a juror for the Canada Council, and having earned an International exhibition record. Garry has now returned full-time to filmmaking.

Son Number Two

Garry’s second son, Alexei Berteig, just knew from an early age that he would become a comic book artist. Well, until he was in his 20’s when he realized that the stories he was really trying to tell could better be explored in film. He became the youngest ever student accepted to the Canadian Film Center’s writer’s lab, and went on to write and direct an award-winning documentary screened across Canada and the northern States. Alexei moved to Beijing, China, where he wrote screenplays for local producers and worked as a commercial cinematographer and director. His clients include Mercedes, Porsche, Ford, L’Oreal, Maybelline. Alexei’s documentary clients include BBC, National Geographic and Discovery. He returned to Canada to form Berteig Imaging with his dad and brother.

Son Number Three

Benjamin Fiddler-Berteig is the “bad boy” of the team; musician, sound designer, and cinematographer. He grew up creating hundreds of flash cartoons and published three albums of music before he was 20. He has contributed a youthful aesthetic and perfectionist’s eye for detail to all of Berteig Imaging’s titles and releases.

So…what happened to Son Number One, you may ask?

Son Number One

Mishkin Berteig runs his own consulting firm and stages massive corporate restructuring projects using Scrum, Kanban, Lean, etc. The rest of us are kind of awed at what he does and how he does it.

Ingredients of a Berteig Imaging film

Wisdom and sincerity.

World-class production values.

Youthful aesthetics and dynamism.

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